How Do You Handle Change?

I’m pretty tech savvy.  A big part of my job is understanding the changes in technology and how they affect our business, and then ensuring that all of our staff and associates are trained on the changes.  In a job like that, I hear a lot of moaning and groaning.  Most people hate learning new technology.  You know how it is every time Facebook changes its layout and everyone threatens to quit?  Same kind of thing.

As a result, I had basically come to the conclusion that most people just hate change.  I counted myself among those who enjoy change; I’m thrilled when a new technology comes along!  Something new to learn about and play with.  For the most part, change ends up being for the better, so I’m always happy about it!  I can’t imagine that some people wouldn’t like change.

But today, I’m starting to feel their pain.  A lot of things are changing in my life.  I’m getting older… I just turned 30!  My main business partner and his wife just announced they’re pregnant, my cousin’s pregnant, my best friend is getting married.  My little brother is graduating high school this year.  We’re moving our business into a new office next month.  My parents are aging rapidly and it scares me.  Our long-time neighbors and best local friends are selling their house and moving away.  2014 is a year of big changes for me, and for the first time in my life, I’m being quite resistant to it.  Isn’t that weird?  I’ve spent so much time not being able to understand those who dislike change, and yet… here I am.  Hating these changes.

I guess everybody is afraid of change to an extent.  I think you are more resistant to the changes in subjects that you’re least familiar with.  Technology is my jam; so when it changes, I can move and shake right along with it.  But as for the big stuff?  The things that most people seem to accept as normal?  Things like age and babies and spouses and moving?  I can’t handle it, man.  I wake up in the middle of the night, thinking about what it will be like when everything has changed.  And it makes my face and neck sweat in the weirdest way.  If I don’t want the same things that they do out of life, then I need to learn to be okay with the changes that their choices bring.  Right?

I’m sorry that this has nothing to do with pop culture.  Don’t mind me and my quarter-life crisis.


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Coldplay Live 2012…

I’m so glad that Coldplay Live 2012 is available on Netflix.  I love to watch it… I’ll never in my life forget attending this concert.  I’ll never forget how alive I felt, standing there next to my favorite person in the world, listening to my favorite band in the world perform some of my favorite songs in the world.  Watching it again at home allows me to relive the moment.