What’s the average income on Spooner Street in Quahog Rhode Island?

In Fox’s hit television show “Family Guy” (maybe you’ve heard of it?  It’s not like it’s a popular show or anything) the four main characters of the show all live on the same street – Spooner Street – although they all have completely differing careers and even more different salaries.  In fact, it doesn’t look like any of the wives work outside of the home at all, so they’re all just living on a single income.

So I started wondering…what is the average income of the residents of Spooner Street?  Let’s go over it:

Glen Quagmire: Commercial Pilot – His annual salary falls somewhere between $108,891 and $136,452.

Cleveland Brown: Deli Owner (Entrepreneur) – Depending on how well the deli business is in Quahog, he could be grossing anywhere between $50k and $250k.  It’s wide open.  Even more ambiguous is the fact that we don’t know what his wife does for a living, if she does anything.

Joe Swanson: He’s a police officer.  His wife, Bonnie, who’s perpetually pregnant, is a housewife.  Assuming he’s a slick-sleeve and doesn’t get any more or less pay because he’s handicapped, Joe’s annual salary range is $43,311 to $61,339.

Peter Griffin: Although Peter has held many professions (a fisherman, a workerbee at Pawtucket Patriot Brewery and even a jousting knight), he was an assembly-line worker at a toy company for the majority of the show, so we’ll use that as his career of choice.  His salary would range between $21,197 and $27,708.  Lois teaches Piano lessons on the side, but throughout the entire show we’ve only seen her give a handful of lessons, so I would only count her salary as an extra $10k, max.

Do you see a LACK of pattern?  Have you ever seen a neighborhood with such diverse incomes?  By all rights, Peter would live in an apartment, Joe would live in an average home and Cleveland & Quagmire would have moderate to huge houses.

I will say that although Quagmire’s house looks average on the outside, he must have spent an absolute fortune on all the interior gadgets and gizmos that make for such a groovy love shack.  I mean, when you turn the lights down, a wall flips around to reveal a fully stocked bar, a disco ball drops from the ceiling and total porno music starts playing.  Nice.

And Joe probably had to spend a great deal in making his home handicapped accessible.  I hear that’s pretty pricey.  They gotta have special toilets and bathtubs and everything.

My only thought could be that one side of Spooner Street is mansions and the other side is average houses and a few shacks.  I mean, we do know that Cleveland lives on the opposite side of the street from Peter, so the theory stands…

Anyway, this is what I was thinking about on my way to work this morning.  Just thought I’d share.  Random, I know.  That’s how I roll.

-T. Ham

p.s.  All my figures and statistics came from salary.com and I used the zip code for the real Quahog, Rhode Island.


Pop culture references from Family Guy

One of the reasons that I adore the TV show Family Guy is because of all the pop culture references.  Some of the references are so obscure that even yours truly has to Google them…which naturally makes the joke even more hilarious when you finally find out what it means.  I’ll try to give you videos of 3 to 5 of my favorite Family Guy pop culture references every week or so.  I enjoy posting them, hope you enjoy watching them!

Aside from Blue Harvest, the Family Guy episode based entirely on Star Wars, this clip is my favorite Star Wars reference from the show.

All three of these Indiana Jones jokes are super awesome.  I adore the Indy movies so naturally these were high on this list for me.

Did you know that Optimus Prime is a Jew?!?

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