About T. Ham

“I’m a reader.  I love my Kindle, but I still buy hardcover copies of the books that I adore… there’s just something about palpable pages that stirs emotions in me.  When Travis pulled the trigger in Old Yeller, I ran my fingers across the page and it was somehow comforting.  I can spend hours in a book store, new or used, surrounded by the stories that developed my quirks and interests, and imagining the stories that I’ve yet to discover.

I’m often a gamer.  I’ll play a game on just about any platform… my iphone, my xbox, my macbook, or a chessboard.  I enjoy solving puzzles because it stretches the muscles in my brain, but I also enjoy the camaraderie from multi-player shooters.  I love wrapping myself in the cloak of a good adventure  in any RPG.

I’m also a pop-culture enthusiast.  An “enthusiast” in the way that I revel in the slightly obscure or odd facets of what’s popular, meandering far off the mainstream path, yet somehow always finding my way back with a newfound appreciation for it.  I’ll watch a cult classic film for the sole purpose of being able to discuss it intelligently, should I ever meet anyone else who has wasted the 2 hours of their life to watch the same.

Lastly, I’m a musician.  It’s been years since I’ve played a single note, but I can tell you when a key change has occurred, when a live performance could be better and explain the ridiculously subtle and objective differences between Grunge Rock and Post-Grunge Rock.  I have more music on my Apple products than any 3 of my friends combined, and I know every single word to the extended 9-minute version of Don McLean’s American Pie.

All in all, I’m a nerd.  Not a pocket-protector math-whiz nerd, but a media nerd… and I suppose that if given a choice, a media nerd is the type of nerd I’d most prefer to be.”

T. Ham lives in Orlando, Florida and enjoys writing about books, music, movies and television.


One thought on “About T. Ham

  1. Dude,
    You and I need to get together over beers and wax 80s nostalgic. I read your posts and thought I had somehow started blogging in my sleep as someone else. Give a look towards my site and see the similarities.

    Awesome work. Keep it up.

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