the definitive melancholy playlist

you notice how this is all in lower case and there’s no capital letters?  even the title.  that’s meant to represent my mood.  is it working?  it’s actually really bothering me because i’m kind of a grammar nazi.  i’m going to stop now.

Anyway, yes, it’s fair to say that I’ve been feeling quite melancholy lately.  You might even say I’ve been a little depressed, sad, whatever.  It’s not hormones, for Christ’s sake I’m almost 30.  No, there’s nothing actually WRONG, I’m just sad and I don’t know why.  Actually it’s not even that I feel sad, sometimes it’s more like I just feel… nothing.  Things I used to enjoy are boring to me.  I can’t make up my mind about anything and I just feel so fucking blahhhhhhhhhh.  But that’s not what this blog is about.  Feelings and shit.  Nope, it’s about solid pop culture awesomeness.

So, here’s an absolutely amazing playlist for you.  You could call it a melancholy playlist.  You could call it a depression playlist.  You could call it a sad playlist.  You could even call it a curl-into-the-fetal-position-and-rock-back-and-forth playlist.  It’s good medicine if you feel like shit and you don’t know why.  It’s gotten me through some feels, and I hope it gets you through some feels too.

Bon Iver – Beth/Rest
Jose Gonzalez – Cycling Trivialities
M83 – Wait
The Smiths – Asleep
Band of Horses – Detlef Schrempf
Michael Andrews & Gary Jules – Mad World
Something Corporate – Globes and Maps
Alexi Murdoch – Orange Sky
The Weepies – World Spins Madly On
The Weakerthans – Left and Leaving
Third Eye Blind – Background
Third Eye Blind – God of Wine
Third Eye Blind – Motorcycle Driveby
Matchbox Twenty – Hang
Coldplay – Lost?
Coldplay – The Scientist
Hotel Lights – Miles Behind Me
Margot & The Nuclear So and So’s – Broadripple is Burning
The Decemberists – On the Bus Mall
BT – Satellite
Matt Nathanson – Bulletproof Weeks
Counting Crows – Colorblind
Duncan Sheik – Requiescat
Ben Folds – Picture Window
Breaking Benjamin – Rain
Rob Thomas – Now Comes the Night

I would love to add to my list of melancholy songs that get me through random weird sadnesses…  please tell me what music you listen to while you cry in the dark so no one can see you!

2 thoughts on “the definitive melancholy playlist

  1. Here are a few songs I listen to in times of toil:
    1. MATNSS – Broad Ripple Is Burning
    2. MATNSS – Cold, Kind, and Lemon Eyes
    3. MATNSS – Open Your Eyes
    4. Wake Up Joel – Peaches
    5. Rocky Votolato – I’ll Catch You
    6. Muse – Megalomania
    7. Muse – Screenager
    8. Muse – Space Dementia
    9. The Strokes – I’ll Try Anything Once
    10. The Strokes – On the Otherside
    11. The Strokes – Under Cover of Darkness
    12. MATNSS – Jen Is Bringing the Drugs
    13. Frank Sinatra – Drinking Again
    14. Johnny Cash or NIN – Hurt
    15. Glass Affection – You’re Missing Me
    16. Radiohead – Paranoid Android
    17. Arcade Fire – Crown of Love
    18. Brand New – Jesus Christ
    19. Cold War Kids – Skip the Charades
    20. Dear and the Headlights – Try
    21. Death Cab – What Sarah Said
    22. Editors – An End Has a Start (full album)
    23. The National – England
    24. WHY? – These Few Presidents
    25. WHY? – Good Friday

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