Thank God for mobile devices…

Ever since early this morning, my only internet access has been via my blackberry. Can I just rant for a minute about how awful brighthouse networks is? The cable is off and on, the intenet connection is
intermittent…I’m sure the phone service is equally awful, but I can’t say honestly because I never use it. I don’t even know what the house phone number is. I don’t even want a house phone. But it was a requirement of the “bundle”. Does anyone use their stupid house phone anymore? If you are under 30 and use a house phone frequently, let me know because otherwise I’m thinking, ‘what’s the point?’ Anyway, what was I saying? Oh, right… So I’m all mobile today. The blackberry storm has gotten me through mostly but I need more. This temporary lack of internet is cramping my googling abilities, thereby inhibiting my blogging practices. Also I have a sinus infection, otherwise I would be at a wifi hotspot with my thinkpad. SIGH. Rant over.

-T. Ham (posted from WordPress mobile on my Verizon BlackBerry Storm2)


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