Zack Morris Makes a Comeback!

Saved By The Bell CastHow much do I love Saved By The Bell?  A lot.  So, how surprised and excited was I to see Zack Morris (the coolest guy at Bayside High) on Jimmy Fallon’s late night show??  Very.

**Sidenote – if you’re wondering who that top left guy is in this photo, don’t be scared and confused.  It took me a minute too, but I believe he’s the guy that always worked at their little burger shop hangout joint.**

In addition to cracking up the audience and sending waves of nostalgia across America, actor Mark-Paul Gosselaar (now an adult who plays in “real” TV shows such as Raising The Bar on TNT) also confirmed plans for a Saved By The Bell reunion.  All recognizable cast members are currently on board except Tiffani Thiessen and Dustin Diamond, who played Kelly and Screech respectivly.  Thiessen and Diamond haven’t said that they wouldn’t do a reunion, they just haven’t been signed formerly or made any public mention about it.  I don’t know that a reunion would work without those two… Dustin Diamond is a pretty huge douchebag these days but he made the show work.  And Kelly was America’s sweetheart!  There just can’t be a reunion show without Kelly!!

Zack – er, Mark-Paul’s appearance on the show was classic and made for a great interview.  Check it out here.

What do you guys think?  Would a Saved By The Bell reunion be completely awesome or a big flop?

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